Puerto Rico-to-the Bronx-to-L.A. poet Luivette Resto’s new poetry collection is a fierce celebration of where she has been–and who she is, from her ancestors to daughter, mother, poet, lover. An excerpt of two poems from her acclaimed and celebrated collection.

“I’m mesmerized by Luivette Resto’s hechizos y encantamientos–her poems are prayers.”– Luis J. Rodriguez

by Luivette Resto

Yemaya’s Pantoum

When I visited the ocean
she told me
I was strong as her currents,
unpredictable like the tides.

She told me
brujas on blood moon nights
unpredictable like the tides
gather by her recursive feet

with a hand full of silver coins because brujas know how to worship her coastline like an altar
and stand by her recursive feet
as the Perigean spring tide allows a kiss.

To worship her coastline like an altar
full of intention while gray waves move
like a plena as the tide allows a kiss
entropically move from me to you.

With full intention, waves glide
across our feet as her answers
whisper from me to you
strong as her currents.

last night…

last night in a dream
we rode a bus to somewhere
you played the trumpet
and I wanted to be so
vulnerable like the notes

Excerpt from LIVING ON ISLANDS NOT FOUND ON MAPS featured with permission from the author and publisher, Flower Song Press.

Luivette Resto, a mother, teacher, poet and Wonder Woman fanatic, was born in Aguas Buenas, Puerto Rico, but proudly raised in the Bronx. Her first two books of poetry, Unfinished Portrait and Ascension, were published by Tía Chucha Press. Some of her latest work can be found on the University of Arizona’s Poetry Center website, Bozalta, Spillway and North American Review, and she also serves as executive editor of Angels Flight • literary west. LIVING ON ISLANDS NOT FOUND ON MAPS (March 2022) is her third collection of poetry and first publication with FlowerSong Press. She lives in the San Gabriel Valley with her three children aka her revolutionaries.

The official launch, plus reading and signing, for Luivette Resto’s LIVING ON ISLANDS NOT FOUND ON MAPS will be held Sunday, April 24, Noon-3, at Vintage Wine + Eats in Studio City. The event will be MC’d by poet Xochitl-Julisa Bermejo and feature readings by poets Bridgette Bianca, Cynthia Guardado and Angelina Saénz, plus DJ sets by poet F.Douglas Brown. RSVP: here. (Please note that space is limited.)

Learn more at luivette.com.