Apart=Together: Supporting the Literary Community Through the Covid-19 Crisis

The coronavirus affects us all. To the literary community, it means the cancellation of readings and book promotion tours and an inability to meet in groups, something we deeply depend on for support and meaningful connection.

AFLW was created to give greater visibility to underrepresented voices and events revolving around social issues and times of crisis. We are committed to finding ways to help our community during this uncertain time, including:

-Expanding our Excerpt & Q&A sections, with an emphasis on new book releases and book giveaways
-Going virtual with Facebook Live and other types of live author events
-Promoting new book releases on social media
-Offering virtual gatherings including classes … and more! 📚

Authors and publishers, writers and readers: We want to hear from you about your new books, reading lists and writing reflections on how you’re coping (or struggling). Please post here or send your ideas to Submit@AFLWmag.com.

Now more than ever, the world needs words that matter. Be kind, stay safe, read and write on.

With love,