Found from The Life of Lenin by Louis Fischer by Russell Evatt

There is a story of two Simbirsk landlords who used to meet regularly for hunting, card games, and vodka-drinking bouts. Each owned a large-caliber cannon. If one wished to invite the other he fired a cannon ball onto his estate. If the second accepted he fired back a shot. If he fired two shots he was inviting the first to come to his manor house. If each insisted on the other’s visiting him, they continued the cannonade until their ammunition gave out, when they met halfway to decide what to do.

Russell Evatt is the author of the chapbook, “We Are Clay” (Epiphany Editions, 2012), and the coauthor, with Jaime Brunton, of the chapbook, “The Future Is a Faint Song” (Dream Horse Press, 2014). He lives in San Antonio.

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Image: Cannonball by Michael Schoeneis