The Voice Heard Loudest by Terence Leclere

A poet’s reflection on fear, written on 11/9, after the dismaying results of the election.

The voice we heard yesterday
was the voice of fear.
Fear of change. Fear of losing
what some think they own. Loss of
identity feels like death and
will cause people to react like
animals backed into corners.
I wish we lived in a world where
fears are exposed and dealt with
rather than hidden silently only to
explode ugly later. Fears honored
as indications of where we need to
go to grow. Gently loosening our
frightened grip of what we think
we know and need to have to live
and who we think we are.
Loving and supporting each other
through this brief
precious process.


Terence Leclere is a poet performer improviser, an entertainer lebenskünstler, who prefers extemporaneous expression to premeditated prose. He has been published by and performs live with Red Light Lit as well as The Poetry Brothel, The Poetry Society of Los Angeles and the Melrose Poetry Bureau at festivals, venues and anywhere else a poet can perform. He hosts and performs with guests in his improvised poetry show called One Night Ennui. You can find him @terenceleclere on most of your preferred social media.

Feature image by Amy Ross.