Letter From the Editors

When Angels Flight • literary west debuted on Valentine’s Day, we had a simple, although impassioned, goal: to celebrate L.A. writers and stories and support the city’s tight-knit literary and arts community. Six months later today, we’re launching “Life’s Rich Pageant,” our second issue. We are beyond honored by the tremendous response to the theme and by the talented and diverse writers and artists who have stepped right up to contribute right here.

We’ve been warmly embraced by the L.A. lit scene since our inception, and the reaction to our first “love/hate” issue was monumental. There’s been so much interest from so many. What this means is that “Life’s Rich Pageant” will deploy throughout the month of July, on the 14th, 21st and 28th, so we can be sure to bring out all of this tantalizing content apace in deliciously readable morsels. One week at a time.

Our theme, “Life’s Rich Pageant,” referencing the “tapestry of life” – all the darkly humorous, challenging, magical experiences and more that are part of a full and interesting life – elicited hot excerpts from acclaimed authors and rockers, crafted poetry from some of L.A.’s notable poets who form the core of the city’s activist poetry movement, and fiction, non-fiction, art, photography and music from respected and emerging local and national voices.

We are so proud of what we’ve accomplished together.

On the homefront, we want to thank our poetry editor, the dynamically talented Sherilyn Lee, who has been a force in bringing poetry to a new level of excellence.

Also, huge thanks to our impeccable copy editor Dora Dalton, who has devoted her time with energy and skill. And we would never be where we are without the support of our advisory board, including Eileen Cronin, Deanne Stillman and Chris Morris.

Finally, a special thank you to the stunning Robin Richardson, a poet, artist and editor of Minola Review, who created and collaborated on our striking theme art.

The biggest thanks goes to our contributors and readers. We hope you’re as enchanted by this provocative, dynamic and deep issue as we are. Keep coming back for more.

We’re waiting for you.

– Michele Raphael and David Lott, July 14, 2016