Spring, Again by Alexis Donkin

Spring, Again

Morning glory
Brighten in bird song
Smile with green grown
and bottomless cups of coffee

crazy just to sit
in solar soak
what pasty pale
hopes to brown the best

Sighing, she’s free.


Snip snip!
It’s only a clip
of a tube stopped up
where once life flowed.

Just a cork
damming possibilities
thoughts and things
to never be.

No more lullabies
or midnight shit fountains
or screaming vying for me.

A reckoning
after a kind
the issue at discussion
floods the heart with grief.


Sweet love
of nightly musings
I can’t let go of this dream.

* * *

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Alexis Donkin lives in Southern California with her family and real-life familiar. She has lived in many places and studied many things. When she’s not writing or speaking, Alexis paints, sings and dances, all while chasing her kid. Find her on Twitter @alexisdonkin or Facebook and read her weekly musings at at www.alexisdonkin.com.